Asian Journal of PEACEBUILDING

Volume 11 Number 2 (November 2023)

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Research Article

Pro-Work Reforms of the North Korean Defector Settlement Support System in South Korea: Changes in Benefit Levels and Differences across Groups

Sam Han pp. 279-309 doi: 10.18588/202311.00a302
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This study investigates the extent to which the benefit levels of the North Korean Defector Settlement Support System (NKDSSS) have changed and differentially impacted the various groups of North Korean Defectors (NKDs). It employs a historical approach to policy analysis and uses datasets compiled, summarized, and converted with the Consumer Price Index by the author. Findings suggest a portion of Unconditional Cash Transfers decreased through the first pro-work reform period (2005-2014) and Conditional Cash Transfers conditioned on job preparation decreased through the second pro-work reform period (2015-2019). The changes may generate a blind spot of poverty and enhance inequality among the NKDs. For the NKDSSS to accomplish its goals of promoting socio-economic integration of NKDs in South Korea and preparing for a peaceful Korean unification, supplemental policies are required.

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