Asian Journal of PEACEBUILDING

Volume 2 Number 2 (November 2014)

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Overturned Time and Space: Drastic Changes in the Daily Lives of North Koreans during the Korean War

Taewoo Kim pp. 241-262
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This article analyzes the overturning of time and space in the daily lives of North Koreans during the Korean War. The overturning was caused by the aerial bombings by the United States Air Force that lasted for three years. In particular, after the execution of the scorched earth policy, in November 1950, which destroyed all the cities and villages in North Korea, most people lost their dwellings and had to endure living underground, in dugouts or mud-huts; they were also mobilized at night to restore industries and transportation facilities. This article describes the miserable daily lives of North Korean civilians during the war, a topic that has rarely been discussed, and explains how this experience continues to affect the worldview of the North Korean people.
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