Asian Journal of PEACEBUILDING

Volume 9 Number 2 (November 2021)

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Afghan Peace on the Horizon? An Examination of Public Opinion on the Ongoing Peace Talks

Zahra Tawana, Ahmadullah Azadani, Sughra Azizi, Mihr Khoda Mehrzad, Mahdiya Erfani, and Zuhal Ahmadzai pp. 357-382 doi: 10.18588/202109.00a182
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What is missing from the ongoing Afghan peace talks is public opinion: whether the Afghan people are in broad agreement with the peace process and its potential outcomes. The current study is based on the opinions of 704 people from across twenty-five provinces of Afghanistan. The study uses a quantitative and qualitative approach to delve into public opinion on the process. The general finding of this study is that while almost all Afghans want peace, most are unwilling to accept a peace deal that would cost them their constitutional gains, including human rights, minority rights, gender equality, and an Islamic republic. Besides this, most Afghans would be unwilling to vote for the Taliban in any elections.

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