Asian Journal of PEACEBUILDING

Volume 10 Number 1 (May 2022)

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Economic Aid, Marginalization, and Peacebuilding in Northern Ireland

Sean Byrne, Robert C. Mizzi, Nancy Hansen, and Tara Sheppard-Luangkhot pp. 287-304 doi: 10.18588/202204.00a244
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Economic aid and peacebuilding efforts to transform the Northern Ireland conflict impact grassroots, civil society organizations (CSOs) and vulnerable people of concern. Brexit is an example of how democracies privilege white, cisgender, heterosexual, able-bodied voices, exclude marginalized voices from peacebuilding efforts, and maintain structural violence that exacerbates sectarian identity conflicts. A qualitative methodology was used to interview 120 participants who shared their experiences of grassroots peacebuilding efforts to transform the Northern Ireland conflict. Findings revealed that community audits are critical to inclusion of local needs, and helped to assess what escalates conflict, British job cuts create needs that overwhelm CSOs and youth who feel hopeless are attracted to sectarian paramilitary groups. They reject peace and trigger further conflict as a result.

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