Asian Journal of PEACEBUILDING

Volume 10 Number 2 (November 2022)

Table of Contents

Special Issue_In Search of Regional Stability in the Age of Hyper-Uncertainty: The US-China Strategic Competition and the Redesign of Regional Order in East Asia

Changes in Interdependence, US-China Strategic Competition, and the New Dynamics of the East Asian Regional Order

Seungjoo Lee pp. 333-353 doi: 10.18588/202211.00a317
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The immediate cause of the East Asian states’ pursuit of new economic statecraft, which has led to changes in the regional order, was the rise of US-China strategic rivalry. However, one structural factor behind the adoption of this statecraft is the economic network formed in East Asia. The emergence of new economic statecraft has had systemic effects, such as the spread of network sanctions, the adoption of divergent strategies, and the dual dynamics of cooperation and competition between states.

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