Asian Journal of PEACEBUILDING

Volume 9 Number 1 (May 2021)

Table of Contents

Special Issue: Trajectories of Twenty Years of State-building in Timor-Leste

Harnessing Lisan in Peacebuilding: Development of the Legal Framework Related to Traditional Governance Mechanism in Timor-Leste

Satoru Miyazawa and Naori Miyazawa pp.163-182
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This article contributes to the discourse on hybridity by reviewing the development of the legal framework related to traditional governance mechanisms in Timor-Leste
in the twenty years since independence in 2002. It analyzes how this framework has contributed to nurturing governance in the country and argues that traditional
governance mechanisms have had a considerable role in improving governance since independence. It is also argued that with regulation and proper support from
stakeholders, a traditional governance system can facilitate democratization, and that the host community can become the driver of positive change.

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