Asian Journal of PEACEBUILDING

Volume 5 Number 1 (May 2017)

Table of Contents


A Success Model or an Uneasy Future for Peacebuilding? Post-Conflict Consolidation of Peace in East Timor

Hideaki Asahi pp. 1-20
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The case of East Timor is distinct in that it offers both its own specifics and a common perspective widely shared among peacebuilders. Its unique trajectory of developments could be more succinctly understood through a four-dimensional taxonomy: “givens,” the past, the present, and the future. Three “givens” represent the unique historical, political, and geographical dimensions of the country. Its distinct position in the historical context of UN peace operations is marked not only by reaffirmed relevance as a “success” model despite its increasingly complicated form, but also by unprecedented challenges for consent of the host country and adoption of local wisdom. However, East Timor is subject to pitfalls in the progress of peacebuilding. Also, as time passes it may face changing agendas and disquieting woes.
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