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2019 Unification Peace Academy Incubating

Unification Education Leading University Project  2019.12.26

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2019 Unification Education Leading University ‘Model Spreading’  Project : Unification Peace Academy Incubating [SNU, PNU, JBU]

IPUS administered this year’s Unification – Peace Academy for the 12th year in a row, hosting incubating sessions at both Busan National University and Jeonbuk National University. The goal of the program is to form a network of national universities around Korea that can provide students with timely lectures on peace and unification on the Korean Peninsula, and to spread the model that IPUS has been using since the program’s origination.
Lectures began in September and lasted for eight weeks for 30 students at Busan National University, and for five weeks for 45 students at Jeonbuk National University. At the conclusion of the program, students from the 7th Peace Academies administered at Seoul National University, Busan National University and Jeonbuk National University’s Academies also had the time to explore the border area in Cheorwon in Gangwon Province. This project is meaningful in that not only has it established a network of unification education-minded national universities, but has also spread educational models that combine both theory and practice.