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The internship programs at IPUS aim to provide students and academic scholars with an opportunity to work and conduct research on issues pertinent to Korean Unification or Peace Study.

Case of Research Student

  1. Research Student Confirmation Form Download
  2. Letter of Guarantee & Notice Download
  3. Resume & Application (free form available)
  4. Research Proposal or Plan (both Korean and native language)
  5. Letter of Recommendation from Academic Adviser (free form)
  6. Certificate of Degree or Diploma
  7. Certificate of Scholarship
  8. Other Evidential Documents


Case of Korean Student

  1. Application & Letter of Recommendation Download
  2. Resume (free form)
  3. Research Proposal or Plan (Korean) Download
  4. Certificate of Degree or Diploma
  5. Certificate of Scholarship
  6. Other Evidential Documents

Previous Visiting Interns

Previous Visiting Interns
이름 소속 기간 연구분야
Elizabeth Kim USC University 2021.07.01 ~ 2021.08.31 Inter-Korean Relations
藺陽子 East China Normal University 2021.09.01 ~ 2022.09.01 History of Cold War
Emma Weingand Mihee ENS Paris 2022.03.01 ~ 2022.07.31 Modern Chinese History
Claire Wyszynski College of William & Mary 2022.06.13 ~ 2022.08.11 International Relations
Lenox Huh Dartmouth College 2022.09.01 ~ 2022.12.15 International Relations
Qian Qing(阮倩晴)
Xiamen University 2022.10.24 ~ 2023.10.24 History of Taiwan-Korea Relations
Andy Shufer College of William & Mary 2023.06.17 ~ 2023.08.15 International Relations
Ahn Heechan Aberystwyth University 2023.07.03 ~ 2023.09.08 Political Science