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Establishment of a Dept. of Intersectional Unification Studies
We perform comprehensive, multidisciplinary studies in preparation for unification, using a systematic approach to the integration process between the North and South. We aim to construct an integrated model through an analytical survey of North Korean society and the variations within it.
Establishment of ‘Korean Peace Studies’
By establishing Peace and Humanities Studies, we present a new paradigm of Peace Studies, propose peace within the context of unification, and seek the expansion of peace culture at the global level.
Strengthening Next- Generation Unification and Peace Research
We aim to develop various educational series to foster future generations of scholars who can establish a continuous virtuous cycle of research and education that can contribute back to society through the clear communication of research results.
Seoul National University Unification Research on Infrastructure Construction
We aim to organize a ‘SNU Unification Research Network’ by acting as a focal point for exchanges and cooperation among research institutes related to North Korea and unification within SNU, such as the Unification Medical Center, the Unification Law Center, the Unification Education Research Center, the North Korea Nutrition Policy Support Office, and the North Korea-Overseas Agricultural Research Institute.
Unification Studies, Constructing a Peace Studies Global Network
By establishing a bilateral exchange program between the [SNU International Peace Network] and the [Northeast Asia Cooperation Network], we will internationalize unification research and enrich a global network of Peace Studies on the Korean Peninsula.


The basic shape of the symbol, the cube, represents the most stable structure that humans have achieved.

The green color of the Institute means eternity, constance, and growth.

Sky blue symbolizes Peace, and the desire and passion for Unification were expressed with the color red.

The color yellow corresponds to Study, light and brightness.

Overall, the symbol has increased its brightness and saturation. It serves as a visualization of the positive, dynamic and bright future of the Institute.