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The Seoul National University Institute for Peace and Unification Studies (IPUS) was established with the aim of recognizing ‘unification’ and ‘peace’ as the most important tasks of the Korean people and nation. At IPUS, we aim to contribute to society through academic research on the various issues that will need to be tackled in the process of realizing unification and peace



2023. 03.
Professor Kim Bumsoo took office as the 9th president of IPUS


2021. 05.
 Professor Kim Byung-Yeon took office as the 8th president of IPUS


2019. 12.
Launched the SNU Research Initiative for Peace Research
2019. 06.
Launched the Korean National University Peace Network
2018. 03.
Professor Leem Kyung-hoon took office as the 7th president of IPUS
2016. 05.
Professor Chung Geuk Sik took office as the 6th president of IPUS
2016. 03.
Selected as a Unification Education Leading University
2015. 07.
The Unification Foundation project began
2014. 06.
Unification Research Network was launched
2013. 10.
The first Peace Academy was launched
2013. 05.
The first issue of the English journal ‘Asian Journal of Peace building’ was published
2011. 04.
Changed the Institute’s name to ‘SNU Institute for Peace and Unification Studies’
2010. 12.
SNU IPUS selection of HK Peace and Humanities Research Group projects


2009. 06.
The first issue of the Korean-language journal ‘Unification and Peace’ was published.
2008. 08. 22.
Changed the Institute’s name to ‘Unification and Peace Research Center’
2007. 05.
Unification Perception surveys began
2007. 04.
The first Unification Academy was launched
2006. 04. 12.
The SNU Unification Research Center was launched with Prof. Park Myeong-kyu as chief.
2003. 10.
Unification Research Support Project began
2003. 08.
SNU Unification Studies Steering Committee was inaugurated.
2000. 11.
The SNU Unification Forum was launched with Prof. Chang Dal-Joong as chairman.