Korea – Europe University Student Summer Peace Camp

Peace Camp  2019.12.26


The Korea-Europe College Student Summer Peace Camp was organized as a model distribution program for the 2019 Unification Education Leading University Project. It was held on Jeju Island for six nights and seven days between August 23 and 29 with the aim of promoting university members’ interest in unification and peace.

In particular, students from European universities (graduate schools) who are interested in the issue of Unification and Peace on the Korean Peninsula who are located in foreign regions, as well as student doing exchanges with members of other schools in Korea attended. Students participated in the camp to secure an international perspective on the issue of Unification, and to provide opportunities to imagine the issue of Unification in various fields. The camp program consists of a program that combines seminars and field trips, exploring the legacy or ‘remaining scars’ left by the Cold War and division on Jeju Island. Students explore the possibility and prospects of changes in Jeju Island after peaceful inter-Korean exchanges and unification.