The 1st East Sea Peace Camp

Peace Camp  2019.12.26


As a part of 2019’s Unification Education Leading Universities project, the first East Sea Peace Studies Academy included around 60 diverse students from Gangneung-Wonju National University, Seoul National University, Chun Cheon National University of Education. Students were recruited to join the 3-day program, which included seminars and field trips. The Education Seminar was
started with topic presentations by Professor Yi Chan Su (‘The border area, between solid and dashed: dreaming of peace in the east sea’) from Seoul National University and Professor Lee Dong Ki (‘The border between separation and unification: looking at the East Sea from Germany’) from Gangneung-Wonju National University. Participants visited Badabuche Sea Road, the Unification Observatory, Mount Kumgang Observatory, GoSeong DMZ Museum, and the Inter-Korean Transit Office (GoSeong). Students were presented with chances to participate in discussions with professionals about the current situation near the East Sea border under division, peaceful SouthNorth communication, and possibilities in the future that could occur upon unification.