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The 21th Unification Academy

Unification Academies  2022.07.05


This year, Seoul National University IPUS hosted the 21th ‘Unification Academy’. Many undergraduate and graduate students interested in Unification and the North Korea issue participated from April 5 to May 28. The Unification Academy improved understanding and interest among participating students about Unification and North Korea, and was also designed to produce future elites within a unified Korean Peninsula. This year’s Unification Academy also received high attention as the total number of participants reached 96 despite the fact that it was conducted in full non-face-to-face due to the COVID-19, of which 56 completed. This academy provided opportunities for students to think about plans for a desirable unified Korean Peninsula.

The 21th Unification Academy (2022.4.5-5.28) We also attached the class materials below.

1st week  – Ukraine Crisis and the Korean Peninsula (Sin, seong-ho)
2st week – Our Unification Policy and Inter-Korean Relations (Cheon, hae seong)
3st week – How far is North Korea’s marketization? (Jeong, Eun-ei)
4th week – SDG and North Korea Development Cooperation (Moon, Kyung-yeon)
5th week – Data on Unification and North Korea (Kim, Hak-jae)
6th week – Inter-Korean Railway Connection and Peaceful Economy on the Korean Peninsula (Ahn, Byung-min)
7th week – Science and Technology Cooperation and Energy Transformation of Inter-Korea (Lee, Chun-geun/Discussion: Jang, Chul-un)
8th week – Peace and Unification Path: War, Reconciliation and Remembrance (Song, Young-hoon/Discussion: Kim, Hak-jae, Kim, Do-min)

[1~8week Lecture Photo]


[Exploration and Completion Ceremony in Yang-gu, Hwa-cheon, Gangwon-do]