Baik, Jiwoon

Position : Humanities Korea Professor
Research interests : Chinese Studies, East Asian Thought Research

Jiwoon Baik(백지운) is Humanities Korea Professor at the Institute for Peace and Unification Studies (IPUS) at Seoul National University (SNU). She earned her Ph.D. degree with a dissertation on Liang Qichao’s enlightenment thought and Chinese modernity discourse at Yonsei University. She studied at Keio University in Tokyo, Tsinghua University in Beijing, and Tunghai University in Taiwan as a visiting researcher during her doctoral course. Her recent scholarship is principally focused on modern East Asian thought and post/Cold War studies. Her publications include “Atopic Moments in the Square: a report on despair and hope after Candlelight Movement in South Korea” (Cultural Studies, 2020), “National Literature, Third World, East Asia: The Genealogy and Structure of Choi Won-sik’s East Asia Discourse” (Dong Bang Hak Chi, 2020), “One Belt One Road and the Geopolitics of Empire” (Inter-Asia Cultural Studies, 2019), “A War in Oblivion and Monologue: The Border War between China and Vietnam Revisited from the Lens of the Paradox of the Asian Cold-War” (Modern Chinese Literature, 2018), “Reconciliation Entangled with Nationalism in the Post-Cold War Era,” (NTU Studies in Taiwan Literature, 2016), Thinking of Unification and Peace from the Cross Strait (co. ed. 2016). She also translated several books in this field, including Takeuchi Yoshimi’s Japan and Asia, Chen Kuan-hsing’s The Emperialist Eye, and Marukawa Tetzushi’s Regionalism and Han Shao Gong’s Post Revolution etc..