Lee, Moonyoung

Position : Humanities Korea Professor
Research interests : Russia, Post Socialism, Literature, Peace and Humanities

Office: 031-5176-2339

Email: peacemoon@snu.ac.kr

Moonyoung Lee is working as an associate professor (HK) at the Institute for Peace and Unification Studies (IPUS) at Seoul National University (SNU). She received Ph.D. in Philology from Moscow State University, Russia. Her academic interest includes Russian cultural studies, border studies and peace studies.

She is the author of Tolstoy and Peace (2016), the editor of Peace Makers: Nobel Peace Prize 21 (2017), the translator of F. Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment (2020) and the co-author of many other books. Her recent articles are “Russia’s Law on Refugees” (Europe and Asia Studies, 2020), “Landscape of the minds of South and North Koreans: unification perception, mutual recognition and the possibility of cultural integration” (Inter-Asia Cultural Studies, 21:3, 2020), “Национальные образы и взаимопонимание между Южной Кореей и Россией” (Социологические исследования. № 9, 2020) and “The Dynamism of Trans-Boundarisation: From the Perspective of Critical Regionalism”, (Geopolitics, 22:2, 2017), etc.