Choi, Eunyoung Christina

Position : Senior Fellow
Research interests : Border and Border-crossings, Geopolitics, Refugee studies, Gender and Space, North Korean Cities

Eunyoung Christina Choi is a Senior fellow at the Institute for Peace and Unification Studies (IPUS) at Seoul National University. Choi completed her Ph.D. with a dissertation titled “Gender, Justice, and Geopolitics of Undocumented North Korean Migration”, in the Department of Geography at the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs of Syracuse University (U.S.A).

Before joining the IPUS, Choi was a Bottom Billion postdoctoral research fellow at the Liu Institute of Global Issues at University of British Columbia (Canada) and served as a research fellow in the Institute of Globalization and Multicultural Studies at Hanyang University (South Korea).

She is the co-author of The Ashugate Research Companion to Border Studies, Pyongyang and Hyesan, A Tale of Two Cities: Everyday Living Spaces of North Koreans (in Korean), and New Geopolitics of Korean Peninsula: New Imagination on Border, Division, and Unification (in Korean). Also she has contributed articles to journals including Annals of Association of American Geographers, Contemporary Society and Multiculture, Issues in Ethnology and Anthropology, Asian Journal of Peacebuilding, and Korean Oral History Association. 

Choi is currently managing editor of Asian Journal of Peacebuilding, a SCOPUS-indexed peace studies journal.