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Unification consciousness survey 2014


-2014 Unification Attitude Survey (cover).jpg

Seoul National University Unification Studies Research Series – 18

Authors: Park Myoung-Kyu, Kang Won-Taek, Kim Philo [Byoung-Ro], Kim Byoungjo, Song Young Hoon , Jang Yong Suk, Jeong Eun-Mi

Part I – Basic Analysis

Chapter 1 – Perceptions of Unification

Chapter 2 – Perceptions of North Korea

Chapter 3 – Perceptions of Policy Towards North Korea

Chapter 4 – Perceptions of Relationships with Neighboring Countries

Part II – In-Depth Analysis

Chapter 5 – Perception of Responsibility for the Worsening of Inter-Korean Relations

Chapter 6 – Ideology, Partisanship, and Perceptions of Unification

Chapter 7 – Social Integration of North Koreans and Reception to Multiculturalism

Published: 2015.04.23