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Post-Socialist Regime Change and the Future of North Korea (in Korean)


Seoul National University Unification Studies Research Series – 40

Authors: Jung Keun-sik, Chin Seung-Kwon, Kim Byung Jo, Kim Philo, Cho Han Bum, Chun Sang-in, Kim Mi-Young, and Park Myung Kyu

Introduction – Regime Security and Economic Development – Possibilities and Limits, by Jung Keun-sik

  1. Asia and Europe: Post Socialist Regime Change and Country Democratization and the Change in the Compositions of Political Parties, by Chin Seung-Kwon
  2. Post Socialist Regime Change and the Military: the Military’s Role and Relationship with the People, by Kim Byung Jo
  3. Post Socialist Regime Change and The Construction of a Market Economy, by Kim Philo
  4. Post Socialist Regime Change and Social Change, by Cho Han Bum
  5. The Spatial Manifestation of Post Socialist Reform and Opening: Focusing on North Korean Tourism and Hotels – Chun Sang-in, Kim Mi-Young

Conclusion – Park Myung Kyu

Published: 2018.09.20