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Between the 38th Parallel and the Armistice Line: The Oral Histories of 20 Cheorwon residents (in Korean)


Seoul National University Unification Studies Research Series – 39

Author: Kim Young Kyu

Chapter 1 – Cheorwon County History

  1. The History and Status of Cheorwon County
  2. Special Features of Cheorwon Local History
  3. Keywords of Cheorwon Local History
  4. Modern and Contemporary Cheorwon Local History

Chapter 2 – The Background and Process of Oral Interviews

  1. The Background of Oral Interviews
  2. The Process of Oral Interviews
  3. The Contents of Oral Interviews

Chapter 3 – The Life, Joys, and Sorrows of 20 Cheorwon Residents

  1. People Who Escaped Conscription in the DPR Korean People’s Army
  2. People Who Stood Against the KPA
  3. People Whose Families Were Sacrificed in Ideological Confrontations
  4. People Who Crossed Over to the South

Chapter 4 – The Outcome and Significance of the Oral Interviews

  1. The Outcome of the Oral Interviews
  2. The Significance of the Oral Interviews

Published: 2018.07.19