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Historical Sociology of Korean War Photographs (in Korean)


Seoul National University Unification Studies Series – 30

Authors: Jeong Geun-shik, Kang Seong-hyun

Book Introduction

“Seeing the Korean War” through the perspective and blind spots of U.S. military photographers

This book is a historical and sociological exploration of pictures of the Korean War that have settled in our memory. Most of the photos were taken by U.S. military photography units that participated in the Korean War. The photographs used in the book were collected by the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) building #2. The back page of each photo contains information on the production, distribution, and management of the photos, including information on who took them, what they depict, and when they were taken. Through this process, we were able to correct false narratives about the photographs and draw a clearer picture of the U.S. military photo unit during the Korean War.

About the Authors

Jeong Geun-shik

Professor of Sociology at Seoul National University, IPUS Director

Kang Seong-hyun

Research Professor of East Asian Studies at Sungkonghoe University and HK Research Group Professor

Published: 2016.10.18