Unification consciousness survey 2020


Authors: Kim Bum soo,  Kim Philo [Byoung Ro], Kim Hak Jae, Kim Hee Jung, Park Won Ho, Lee Jong Min, Choi Gyubin, Leem Kyung Hoon, Choi Hyeunjung

This book surveys and analyzes South Korean citizens’ perceptions and attitudes of unification, North Korea, and inter-Korean relations.


Part I – Basic Analysis

Chapter 1 – Perceptions of Unification

Chapter 2 – Perceptions of North Korea

Chapter 3 – Perceptions of Policy towards North Korea

Chapter 4 – Perceptions of Relations with Neighboring Countries

Part II – In-Depth Analysis

Chapter 5 –Political Orientation and Perceptions of Unification of South Korean

Chapter 6 – The Era of Severance, The Emotions of the Unification of North and South Korean.

Chapter 7 – The ‘Trust’ and Peace Process in the Age of Complex Conflict

Published: 2021.04