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The 15th Unification Academy

Unification Academies  2015.03.30

Attached the documents of the 1th Unification Academy of SNU Institute for Peace and Unification Studies. (2015.3.31-5.26)

1st week – The Vision and Reality of the Unification Korea (Bae, Ki-chan)

2nd week – Is unification a blue ocean for the Korean economy? (Cho, Bong-hyun)

3rd week – Pyongyang’s authority and the prospect of inter-Korean relations from the Meetings (Kim, Cheon-sik)

4th week – What will we learn from German reunification? (Lee, Dong-ki)

5th week – North Korea as seen by broadcasters, and unification (Kim, Hyun-kyung)

6h week – World of Life and Consciousness of the North Korean Youth Generation (Kim, Min-kyu)

7th week – “What should we do with North Korean human rights?” (Suh, Bo-hyuk)

8th week – Unification of peace from divisional unification! (Park, Myung-kyu)