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The 16th Unification Academy

Unification Academies  2016.03.27

























The 16th Unification Academy (2016.4.5-5.24) We also attached the class materials below.

1st week-Crisis on the Korean Peninsula, Asking Again about Unification (Choi, Wan-gyu)

2nd week-How Might Unification and Denuclearization be Possible? (Yun, Yeong-guan)

3rd week-What Can be Learned from  German Unification? (Lee, Dong-gi)

4th week-The Pyongyang Government in Official Talks, and Prospects for Inter-Korean Relations (Kim, Cheon-sik)

5th week-The Lives and Perspectives of North Korean People (Choi, Gyeong-hee)

6th week-The Moranbong Group and the Politics of Music (Oh, Gi-hyeon)

7th week-The Seventh Party Congress and Economic Prospects (Jo, Dong-ho)

8th week-From Divided Peace to Unified Peace (Park, Myung-kyu)