Peace and Humanities Research Group

1. Introduction

IPUS has been conducting research that formulates new visions for peace and unification by combining the universal human value of ‘peace’ with ‘unification,’ a task unique to the Korean Peninsula. The “Peace and Humanities Research Group” was chosen for support by the Korean Research Foundation’s Humanities Korea (HK) program from 2010 to 2020. This project was committed to two specific aims: 1) to reinterpret the universal value of peace both in the Korean context and at a global level and 2) to establish the 21st century peace studies with a particular emphasis on the humanities, which transcends the hitherto trend of a social science focus within the field.

2. Achievements

a. Academic publication: 195 books and papers, including 25 volumes in the “Peace Humanities Research Series”

  • “Peace Humanities Research Series” contains interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary achievements that cross various domains and themes of existing disciplines such as literature, culture, religion, history, philosophy, politics, social science, ecology, nuclear engineering, and security.

b. Social contribution: offers an open lecture series and holds a book concert

  • Since 2013, IPUS has held 8 sessions of the Peace Academy, a lecture series open to undergraduates, graduate students, and citizens interested in unification and peace on the Korean Peninsula.
  • Since 2014, IPUS annually selects and awards the “Book of Peace,” which contributes to the spread of the value of peace in Korean society.

List of Major Publications on Peace and Cooperation

1 The World in the flux of Conflicts: Violence in the Name of Peace
2 Peace and Law
3 Peace Movement: Theory, History, and Realms
4 Korean Thoughts on Peace I, II
5 Peacemakers: Twenty-one Nobel Peace Laureate
6 Asia Peace Community
7 Betrayed Peace: South Korea in Vietnam War and Dispatch to Iraq
8 Tolstoy and Peace
9 Walk in Peace
10 Peace and Peaces
11 Towards Sustainable Peace on the Korean Peninsula
12 Violence in National Division
13 Peace Studies and Peace Movement
14 Peace-Security Project in Advance
15 Conflict and Reconciliation in Asia Pacific
16 United Nations Security Council and Peace Policy
17 On Peace Humanities
18 Fifteen Peace Texts of the 20th Century
19 On Green Peace
20 Division of Korea and Living Without Peace: The Accounts of Separated Families
21 Peace in Europe and Helsinki Process
22 Many Faces of Peace