The Leading University Project for Unification Education

1. Introduction

“The Leading University Project for Unification Education” was a project launched in 2016 to promote unification education within the university. This project’s mission included developing and disseminating effective models of unification education and raising students’ awareness of unification. The IPUS set a goal of globalization of cross-curricular education on unification to foster global experts on the subject. The IPUS organized and supervised multiple projects, working in hand with educational, research and administrative organizations.

2. Achievements

  • Advanced students’ understanding of unification through various R&D programs and lectures on unification and peace (400 million KRW invested annually)
  • Secured expertise and diversity in unification and peace studies by promoting the establishment of regular courses, and by supporting field research and professional training programs
  • Contributed to global citizenship education through joint educational programs on division, integration and peace with domestic and overseas universities

Number of Programs and Participants (2016-2019)

  2016 2017 2018 2019 Total
Programs1 16 19 45 33 113
Participants 828 1,334 2,947 1,646 6,755
Memo: It includes three types of programs: Research and Development (R&D), Lecture (extracurricular or curriculum), exchange and expansion

List of Selected Education Programs on Peace and Cooperation

  Types Titles of Program
1 Lecture (extracurricular) SNU-Yanbian University Unification Education
2 Lecture(e) Lessons from German Reunification: 
Path to Korean Reunification
3 Lecture(e) AIESEC Unification Education for International Students
4 Lecture(e) East Asia Peace Studies Camp
5 Lecture(e) Manchuria Peace and Unification Field Study
6 Lecture(e) Peace Academy
7 Lecture(e) Civil Peace Academy
8 Lecture(e) Cheorwon Field Study on Peace and Unification
9 Lecture(e) East Asia Undergraduate Peace and Humanity Camp
10 Lecture(e) Jeju Peace Academy Field Study
11 Lecture (curriculum) New Issue of Peace and Unification in Korea
12 Lecture(c) War and Peace in Japan (summer and winter programs)
13 Lecture(c) War and Peace on the Korean Peninsula
14 Lecture(c) DMZ Undergraduate Field Trip
15 Lecture(c) Border Area Joint Lecture and Field Study on Peace Sociology
16 R&D Professional Training for Post-unification Health Care
17 R&D Extension Lecture: ‘Unification Education Academy’
18 R&D Liberal Arts Lecture: ‘New Issue of Peace and Unification in Korea’
19 R&D Lecture Plan Development: ‘Korean Awareness and Education of Unification’
20 R&D Curriculum R&D :War and Peace in Japan
21 R&D Curriculum R&D: Culture and Arts for Peace
22 R&D Lecture Plan Development through the case of unified Germany
23 Exchange and Expanding models Incubating Peace Academy
24 Exchange and Expanding models Asia Undergraduate Peace Academy
25 Exchange and Expanding models SNU-Cold War Society-Hangilsa Civil Peace Academy
26 Exchange and Expanding models SNU-KNU East Sea Peace Academy
27 Exchange and Expanding models S. Korea-Europe Undergraduate Summer Peace Academy
28 Exchange and Expanding models ‘Gyeore-iyagi’ (People’s Story)
(SNU-Kim Il-sung University Exchange Promotion Committee)
29 Exchange and Expanding models SNU Yellow Sea Peace Academy