The SNU Foundation for Peaceful Unification Project

1. Introduction

The “Foundation for Peaceful Unification Project” aims to improve comprehensive and systematic research capacity on unification related issues. IPUS initiated the “SNU Unification Research Network” in 2014 to construct a network among colleges and departments within SNU and to collaborate on issues concerning North Korea, inter-Korean relations, unification, and integration. Based on this network, the “Foundation for Peaceful Unification Project” was launched in 2015, and many SNU research units participated in this University-wide project. IPUS is in charge of planning and coordinating the project.

2. Achievements

a. Expanding research in the area of unification and peace studies

  • Among the centers and institutions at SNU, a total of 16 units in 2015, 20 in 2016, 28 in 2017, 33 in 2018, 30 in 2019 and 23 in 2020 participated in this project. Between 2015 and 2020, a total of 182 research projects have been conducted (worth 6.56 billion KRW).

b. Improving research capacity for unification and peace in the Korean peninsula

  • The Foundation for Peaceful Unification Project has contributed to strengthening the research capacity in preparation for peaceful unification on the Korean peninsula and developing effective, feasible, and sustainable inter-Korean cooperation.

c. Constructing a comprehensive and future-oriented network for unification and peace studies

  • The number of participating institutions has increased from 16 in 2015 to 30 in 2019. IPUS fosters an integrated approach to unification studies, providing a platform for research collaboration among domestic and international scholars.

Numbers of Participating Institutions and Projects (2015-2020)

  2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 Total
Institutions 16 20 28 33 30 23 150
Projects 23 25 34 39 34 27 182

List of Selected Projects related to Peace and inter-Korean Cooperation

  Title of Research Academic Department
1 SNU-Kim Il-Sung University-Yan Bian University Joint Symposium Education
2 Development of Unification and Humanities Network Humanities
3 SNU-Bradford University-Free University of Berlin Consortium Program on Peace Studies Political Science
4 Korea-China Cooperation Forum on Peace Political Science
5 Design of Appropriate City Model in Unified Korea Engineering
6 Development of Legal System for Improving Inter-Korean Relations and Expanding Exchange Law
7 Study on Legal System for Economic Cooperation, Labor Market Integration and Social Rights Law
8 Infrastructure Construction Enterprise along the Border Area Sociology
9 Study on Transnational North Korean Diaspora Geography
10 Political Theory of Peace Political Science
11 Peace Studies in Korea: Discourses and Practices Political Science
12 Geopolitics of Peace Regime on the Korean Peninsula International Relations
13 Case Studies of ‘Post-Unification’ Systems International Studies
14 ‘Future Earth’: International Research Network for Sustainability on the Korean Peninsula Geography
15 DMZ Border Area Peace Arts Project Environmental Planning
16 DMZ Border Landscape Reconstruction Project for Peace Tourism Landscape Architecture
17 Climate Change and Ecosystem Change in North Korea Environmental Management
18 Health and Medical R&D in Northeast Asia Medicine
19 International Cooperation for Northeast Asian Unified Healthcare Medicine
20 Foundation of Unified Dentistry Cooperation Dentistry
21 Analysis of Veterinary Education and Preventive Measures in North Korea Veterinary medicine
22 Korea-Russia Agricultural Cooperation System Agriculture
23 Korea-Russia Agricultural Cooperation: with special reference to the Maritime Province Agriculture
24 Educational Exchange of Natural Science: Role of Universities Natural Sciences
25 Nutritional Supplementary Food Development for Infants and Pregnant Women in North Korea Food Science
26 Policy Research for Sustainable Diet in Unified Korea Nutrition
27 Promotion of Sports Exchange between South and North Korea Physical Education
28 Sports Integration Plan for Unified Korea Physical Education
29 Unified Arts Exchange and Cooperation Program Arts
30 Adaptation of North Korean Defectors to South Korean Society: The Role of Social Capital Economics
31 An Analysis of Veterinary Science and Technology in North Korea and a Study on the Inter-Korean Exchange of Veterinary Science and Technology Veterinary Science
32 Systematic Analysis and Publication of North Korean law for inter-Korean exchange and cooperation and peaceful reunification Law
33 An Analysis of Agricultural Trade Trends in North Korea and a Study on the Development of Inter-Korean Cooperation Items in Preparation for Unification Agriculture
34 Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Assistance for Sustaining Peace Peace Studies
35 Climate Change and Sustainable Environmental and Ecological Peace in East Asia Environment
36 Introduction to Peace Studies』 Textbook Writing and Publishing Business Peace Studies