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The 12th Unification Academy

Unification Academies  2012.10.08

Attached the documents of the 12th Unification Academy of SNU Institute for Peace and Unification Studies.(2012.10.9-11.27)

1st week – International Politics and Peace on the Korean Peninsula (Song Young-hoon)

2nd week – Kim Jong En’s Leadership Characteristics, Reform and Opening Policy (Lee, Dong-kI)

3rd week – North Korea’s Society and Culture as a Performing Arts (Park, Young-jung)

4th week – A Korean medicine doctor who defected from North Korea, dreams of becoming a unification medical doctor (Kim, Ji-eun)

5th week – What’s wrong with the North Korean Human Rights Act: Comparison of Political and Social Context between Korean Society and International Society (Kim, Soo-am)

6h week – Changes in Inter-Korean Relations and Economic Relations between North Korea and China (Lee, Seok)

7th week – Unification Germany and East Germany Identity (Lee, Dong-ki)

8th week – Unification Peace and Youth Generation (Park Myung-kyu)