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The 8th Peace Academy

Peace Academies  2020.10.16

The Peace Academy of Institute for Peace and Unification Studies at SNU, which was launched in 2013 and celebrated its eighth anniversary this year, is a certificate program entailing  the search for a new horizon in peace studies rooted in the reality of the Korean Peninsula.

The 8th Peace Academy – entitled “Peace on the Periphery and Border” – completed an eight-week program from October 6 to November 24, 2020 and offered lectures by leading scholars in the field.

The program explored new possibilities for peace studies from the perspective of the periphery and minorities beyond established peace discourse centered on state-relations while applying concepts such as the Cold War, détente, gender, and militarization across the East Asian geopolitical boundaries of Jinmen, Okinawa, Five West Sea Islands, Jeju Island, the DMZ, and the China-North Korea border.

Despite the challenges caused by COVID-19, the 8th Peace Academy had a high participation rate, with 107 people applying for and 74 completing the program.




1st week – Pacifism of the Center and Periphery (Baik, Jiwoon)


2nd week – Peace-spatial Imagination of the Border: Five Islands in the West Sea and Jinmen (Park, Bae-kyun)


3rd week – From War to Peaceless Peace: History of DMZ Cold War (Hahn, Monica)


4th week – Women Crossing the North Korea-China Border (Kim, Sung-kyung)


5th week – Militarization, Decolonialism, and Commons Seen from Jeju Island (Kim, Sung Kyung)


6th week – Peaceful Utilization of the DMZ and North-South Gangwon Province (Song, Young-hoon)


7th week – Strategic Village: Between the Cold War and Peace (Jung, Geun-sik)


8th week – From Alienation Peace to Relationship Peace (Kwon, Heon-ik)